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Eyes fluttering in Kneecaps

Eyes Fluttering in Kneecaps is an experimental theatre piece for butoh dancers and interactive scenography.

About the work

Two human beings, naked spirit against costumed and stereotyped mind. Two different stories through sound, voice, acoustic space and movement.

White pigeon in a red pearl thread.
Three a la Ruben’s woman.
Levels of history, arts and humanity of Baltic area.
Human’s spirit and body metamorphosis.
The secret of conception.
The secret of birth.
The secret of life.
The secret of death.

In 2007 the Laboratory of Stage Arts (Latvia) commissioned the design of an interactive mixed-media scenery for the project “Eyes fluttering in Kneecaps” – an experimental theater piece exploring the concepts of erased body, occupancy and death as heritage of the Butoh dance philosophy.
The commission included the development of an audiovisual interactive system used by the dancers and the soprano to generate the soundscape and video scenery for the piece through the use of their voices and movements.

Below you can listen to an excerpt from live performance. A motion reactive system manipulates recorded samples of the dancers voices and other pre-recorded material. Field recording, programming and live electronics by the author.

Keywords: Butoh, dance, death, body, sex, sound objects, soprano, electroacoustic, drone, ambient,  sampling; experimental theather, theather, dance, performance, real-time physical interaction, audiovisual real-time processing; augmented body, voice recognition, physical computing, pure data.

Eyes fluttering in Kneecaps photo gallery

Year of creation: 2009
Technique: metal sheets, white paint, found objects, computer, microphones, loudspeakers


  • Pedvale Open Air National Museum, Seasonal closing ceremony, Pedvale, LV, 2007
  • Latvian College of Culture, Riga, LV, 2007


Viktors Jansons – Direction
Modris Tenisons – Curation
Skaidra Jancaite – Performer and soprano
Liga Stibe – Videography
Voldemars Johansons – Music and interaction
Marco Donnarumma – Music and interaction
Laboratory of Stage Arts – Production